Natural logs are one of the oldest and most traditional technologies of human-friendly construction - the building material combines durability, diversity, aesthetics, ecology and very good thermal and health properties.

The highest quality

We are a direct importer of Arkhangelsk logs from Northern Russia. The trees are cut only in winter (from November to March), which determines the low humidity and the highest quality of wood in the world as a stuff for building houses – the tree grows very slowly (approx. 100 years), hence its interior has a very dense structure of annual rings. Such wood has the best mechanical and insulating properties.

Arkhangelsk wood logs

  • have a phytosanitary certificate (guarantee of biological and chemical fineness of the wood) and a certificate of origin (name of the region where the wood comes from)
  • full, turned (cylindrical) logs with a diameter of 22 cm to 32 cm
  • the logs are not dried in the chambers (drying in the chambers is a chemical process), they have a natural resin, which is an excellent preservative
  • the logs have no bruises or dead knots
  • possible shape of the log: round, flat on one side, flat on both sides

fi 22 cm

fi 24 cm

fi 26 cm

fi 28 cm

fi 30 cm

fi 32 cm

Do you know that:

The distance between the rings of an Arkhangelsk tree does not exceed 3 – 5 mm, and due to the specificity of growth in the Arkhangelsk region, the trunk of the tree has a cylindrical shape – unlike trees growing in another parts of Russia. Thanks to this, you can round the logs during the production process without reducing the quality of the wood – a protective layer, saturated with resin and protective substances, remains. This minimizes cracking and reduces the width of cracks in the log after drying, and also improves the thermal insulation properties of the material.

The unique structure of the Arkhangelsk wood is:

  • extraordinary durability of the building and resistance to temperature differences
  • energy efficiency – wood with the best thermal transmittance parameters (it is warm in winter and cool in summer) – houses made of Arkhangelsk solid logs consume about 1/3 less energy than brick houses
  • natural, automatic regulation of humidity inside the building
  • health properties (healing microclimate inside the building – beneficial effect on the respiratory, circulatory and nervous systems)
  • biologically active phytoncides (volatile substances found in wood that kill and inhibit the growth of protozoa, microscopic fungi and bacteria)
  • a delicate, volatile scent of coniferous wood that creates a unique microclimate in the house and enriches the air inside the building
  • incombustibility (solid wooden logs do not burn, only their outer layer is charred, which blocks the oxygen supply, and the logs charred on the outside do not lose their structural properties, such as hot steel, which deforms quickly under the influence of high temperature, causing damage to the structure) .

Natural log houses mean health, ecology and a dream place for many generations